Much of human behavior involves achieving survival and then thriving in the environment.  The ability to understand the needs of the human mind and body, and then to initiate fruitful actions to meet those needs is the primary driver of the human will.  All action holds intent, but subliminally, goal-driven behavior dominates the human life.  The intellect is altered to meet those conditions - and these alterations bring about changes in emotional patterns, and behavioral packets that constitute the persona. 

All human activity comes from the unrelenting drive shared by all living things: the energy of desire, which springs forth regardless of human intention.  Desire is need-want based, then plan-fulfillment based, and is linked heavily to attention and basic stimulation strata: this forces the overall orchestration system of the human body into a constant state of evolution of desire.  If the nervous system is functioning at full capacity, no condition remains fully the same permanently.  Thus, in the human attempt to gain stability and living stasis, we are sort of forced to enjoy or endure emotional evolution no matter what.  The behavioral patterns associated with this constant evolution are remarkable but simple: these patterns all relate to the assessment system held in the human psyche.  The on-flow of desire straddles several conditions that are paramount to human existence:

- Projection of will
- Stabiliazation of condition
- Recouperation of energy
- Evolution of condition

These conditions are predictable in many ways, and every outreach of the psyche into each stage of these conditions creates a modular evolution cycle that imposes itself upon the condition of desire itself.

The image I am about to present holds these conditions in their patterned framework.  In this image each star holds one of the conditions in cycle.  In the most extreme condition of worldly social isolation, with motivational stressors in place, a person could almost watch their condition evolve daily around the complete circle.  There are many conditions we can discuss, but first let's view the image:





In every moment, the energy of will, of life springs forth from living beings.

This "Energy in Exhibition" wheel contains one experiential cycle.

Energy can exert itself in many ways, but there is a primary theme of goal orientation in the manifestation of will. All goals require change in forward conditions.

For human beings, energy can express evolution patterns in:

- the outward, natural world
- the social world
- the cognitive / ideological / emotional world

However, these three sets of expressional change are based on the conditions put forward by all life-forms experiencing change, and the forced condition of will and desire exhibited by the condition of life.


A complete example of this chart, the ENERGY IN EXHIBITION, is as follows:

  1. LIFE - the present moment proves infusing of energy, and the life forms generate activity, outreach will begin to achieve a better stasis in the environment.
  1. IDEA - the concept of outreach is beginning, the introductory stages being active, yet without a plan in cognition - the generation of possibilities begins to emerge.
  1. RUMINATION - all possible plans begin to take definition, but the caution creates pull-back, as extension of energy in one direction means all other directions will be temporarily suspended. In negative conditions, life-forms may exhibit a stalled condition of action, and a painful, conflicted sorting process that yields no great ways forward.
  1. GRACE - acceptance of a future path sets in, resources are gathered, and the efforts of planning or conceptualization cease for the time being. Felt understanding takes hold, as energy is preparing to extend fully.
  1. KNOWLEDGE - actualization of outreach is in place. Forward direction is understood and realized in some capacity. The outcome of the outreach is dialing in, and experiential understanding begins to take place.
  1. FEELING - the reality of the situation is dialing in, and overall condition for the life form or community is spreading throughout. Results of the outreach have established a living state or condition that pushes towards the future, sets aside the past, and creates the new felt reality.
  1. IGNORANCE / REALIGNMENT - The life form then begins living in the new situation, with the new knowledge in place. As the old condition is smoothed out of living patterns, a sort of ignorance allows energy to remain untethered, which can lead to the liability of reduced caution. Increased likelihood of mistakes arrives, as the lifeform can exhibit a sort of malaise or cockiness. This stage can lead to the need to adjust or realign thinking due to new challenges. In negative conditions, where the life form is experiencing pain or suffering, this state can be of muted awareness and negligence in the expression of energy.
  1. FORTITUDE - The life form or community realizes it must buttress and fortify the positive parts of the current condition - also, flaws and liabilities must be accounted for. This is a time of gathering resources for refined stasis to take place, based upon the new learning of the past 7 stages.
  1. SUSTENANCE - the new condition has been established, and the new ways of life are accepted and flowing - stasis is at it's strongest as the first wave of new challenges has been grappled with to some degree, and a new stasis is emerging.
  1. FORM - conceptualization has reached a new peak, which means a full concept of a new way of life has been digested by the life form or community. If the stasis that has been established is physical in the environment, then the definition of the new standard, or way of life, is being ingrained and accepted. If this cycle is being considered in the mental realm alone, then the conceptualization process is reaching finalization as the knowledge gained has become refined into a new living knowledge.
  1. DEATH / TRANSFORMATION - with the new living knowledge in place, the emission process begins, as the old way of life, the old idea, or idea system is being purged. In positive terms, this leads to the complex and sometimes unsettling qualities of change. In negative terms, when the life form or community is suffering, great pains and discomfort can be felt, as a new negative reality that has barely been survived begins to emerge - and the old way of life is moving into the distant past. As a stage of living death, the emotional state, and conceptual grasp of life can be painfully inverted, as a new understanding emerges, forcing a new way of being, or a new way of life.
  1. SUBMISSION - Eventually the life-form or community must accept the new standard, emotionality must be accepted, a grasp on the old way of life must let go. As the frantic or depressed cycle of death passes - or the more stable and accepted condition of transformation - new strength can only be found by calming the condition, state of mind, and emotion - and new energy recharges as a new reality and focus is manifest.
  1. GROWTH - the cycle of changes has pushed the life-form or community into a new direction, and with all outcomes having been pressed forward, a new mode of expression takes place: growth. The previous extension of energy has led to new changes, but also new understanding, and as the condition of the life-form has changed experientially, new possibilities for the future emerge - all based on knowledge that was previously unknown. The cognition or experiential process now has new information, ideas, and reflexes to utilize in the future, to solve new problems.
  1. SYMBOL - the previous experience and the new condition begin to merge in new systematic component, a new facet of reflexive existence - the new lessons become a part of the life-forms living language, embedded and ingrained in emotionality and cognition.
  1. DISARRAY / REVERBERATION - A residual wave of conceptual energy takes place, as a new ideology with the new symbol in place leads to a changed cognition, the overall subconscious awareness can lead to an additional wave of changes - this is because a change in one idea can affect all other ideas - and the new accepted reality is not a stable reality, so as new subtler changes take place, everything can seem off - everything can take additional energy - emotionality can have a difficulty achieving restful states because everything is still subtly shifting.
  1. ORDER - finally the new changes have run through the system, additional shifting has waned, and the life-form or community has sifted the dominant energies of emotion, cognition, or the environment. Order begins to take place as "cleaning up" and organizing efforts predominate.
  1. BALANCE - the life-form or system is experiencing stasis, running redundant safe courses of action based on the recent experiences, and systematic harmony has a chance to take hold.
  1. URGE - the energy of desire does not permanently rest, as new controlled extensions of energy based on the new experiential knowledge begin to emerge in action, as the controlled borders of the previous condition of balance are slightly tested.
  1. DECAY / REFINEMENT - Subconscious connections to the old way of life are diminished, as new energies want to reach towards refinement of the new way of life. In negative conditions, when the life-form or community suffered through this process, this stage can be a state of mourning the loss of the old way of life - in this stage it can become apparent that the immediate losses of the past are actually deeper than previously assumed as the smaller, finer aspects of the previous way of life become ghost-like, as the current energies cannot support the old emotionality.
  1. COALESCE / SUBSERVIANCE - The new condition has been experienced, and the losses endured in transformation have been endured. Order and stasis has been dialed in to some degree, as the life-form or community achieves living acceptance of the new condition and begins to reduce some negative emotionality of the circumstance. If the cycle was positive, then this stage leads to a pronounced 'coming together' effect. This cohesion or coalescence leads to a recharging condition, as the old cycle is being put to rest, which will free up the energy for the next cycle, as the stage of life takes place next.


In more extreme conditions, the entire cycle of the ENERGY IN EXHIBITION can be perceived, and even experienced with great turmoil.

The more stable the condition of the life-form, the less negative aspects are felt.

In stable conditions, when individuals can thrive, and harbor positive development over negative attributes, the psyche can potentially soar, experiencing the best and strongest attributes of this cycle with great potency.

The more empowered the being is, and the more situated the expression patterns are, the more stable the experience becomes - this can lead to a full cycle being felt on primarily one of the stars, such as the CREATION star that consists of Life - Balance - Growth - Sustinance - Knowledge, and around it goes.

The more change is being sought, the more the 'negative' aspects can be felt, though with desired change and positive attitude, these hardships can be accepted and suppressed with the replacement of a sense of personal challenge and fortitude throughout the process. In such an example, two stars such as the yellow CREATION star and the red ACTION star may be more pronounced.

In great conditions of personal reflection or mental creative states, it might be possible that the blue REFLECTION star and the yellow LIFE star are more pronounced.

In conditions of extreme loss, or mind-altering reflection that includes wanted or unwanted personal change of extreme character shifting - the purple REVISION star might take prominence, and the negative aspects even can dominate, and such an example would make it very hard to feel the yellow CREATION star at all, such as with depression. In such a case, the red ACTION star would face eminent challenge, and the blue REFLECTION star might produce moments of calm, but lack energy and exuberance at all turns.

ENERGY EXERTS ITSELF, through the personality, the mind, felt emotions, and in the world around ourselves as we gather bearings on the challenges that surround us. All life-forms must coincide with necessarily challenges, and also, with the internal drives to become something better or more capable in the world. Every time we rest, we allow the energy inside us to ease, but expression of energy will occur again no matter what. We must guide this energy in our daily processes, and there is a governing rule of reality, a natural law that we must never forget: The energy of the current moment will change, and that change is limited by the current predicament, it is up to us to manifest the best possible outcome, and to seek balance and equilibrium even though life does not always provide conditions that enable that balance to exist for long.

The human life is a life of reflection, action, predicaments, ideation, and manifest reflexes. - we change, learn, and grow throughout these processes. We also endure the problems, and change sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. For those that seek progressive enlightenment, it's required to rise above, let go, achieve equilibrium on one of these stars of consciousness somehow, as the show rolls on.

One of the greatest ways to manifest positivity in the negative conditions is to create conditions of empathy and compassion. In states of suffering, the human mind can gain tremendous strength in the capacity of the greater mind that instills the universe - In your weakness there is strength, because in compassion there is love. The active daily state can become so consuming it will lead people to become forgetful of anyone but themselves.

As we will see in the charts to follow, the human being is not capable of the greatest states of consciousness without awareness of the whole human predicament - a great challenge of understanding - because life is incredible and thus consuming of our attention, but also so challenging, that we can have little energy to consider anything beyond the challenges before us.