Experiencing the effects of the Lower Consciousness modalities alters awareness and expression to great extent.  These experiences can force a person into whole new arrangements to deal with problems, and to exist in an uncomfortable or hostile environment.  Over time, a person's way of being is pushed beyond adjustment, and the basic identity is shifted.

When enduring the sorrows, and all forms of impact, readiness and the need for change can cause a constant emotional static - a need for over-awareness, extra reflection, and types of exhaustion occur.

We are not always able to get over-top our situation, when incongruous and reckless personalities take power over people.  When one person exerts leverage over another,  people endure great conflict, whether that conflict is outright or built up over time. Since we cannot always see the path of the future, people can walk into peril unknowingly, or under false pretenses, and end up surrounded by problems that alter the course of their life, and the state of their modality.

Enduring long term effects of disaster, or short term effects of despair are among the most tiresome, personality-affecting situations people face.

Life requires endurance through change - though among humankind, great suffering can be passed from one person to the next.  Those who dole out this suffering unknowingly will endure a unique and powerful, traumatic form of suffering when they open their eyes.

Those who are the afflicted will experience great hardships at the hands of others, often tangled in social structures riddled with injustice, as they exist on the receiving end of other's urge to dominate, use, abuse, control and manipulate.

The deep affects on modality are something to be addressed, and worked on.  The reason is that without such work, people become fractional beings, pushed onto thinner peninsula of modality, carved by the negative experiences and social structures cast around them.  In this section we will talk about adjusting oneself in the endurance of traumatic circumstances, in the struggle with afflicting, negligent personalities.

This section addresses how we adjust our modality both directly, and also incidentally, as formed by environmental circumstances without our actual desire, and sometimes, against our own wishes.





This duality caused by 'control' versus 'elaboration' is strange a situation, which commonly translates to suffering.  Those whose primary motive is taking and dominance grow into suffering states due to lost modalities.  Those who are afflicted by such behaviors are also pushed into narrower channels of modality.

Each array of positive channels of existence rely on a structure of sound principles, interactional exchanges, and balance relative to those methods of consciousness.

This chart displays an array of modality parameters that occur around the concepts of perceived acceptance, tolerance, and rejection - which, when tied to the struggle of dominance and balance become very entangled, often damaging structures to exist within.



Elaborating higher consciousness often entails overwhelming, displacing, and restructuring based on desired principles, even when exterior pressures seem excessive and dominant.

Altering the internal condition when external conflicts hold an environment or person hostage is a difficult matter.  In nearly all cases, knowingly or not, the inferior states yield so little internal benefit, the mind subjugates itself to endure lower states, willingly or through surrender.

While much of the persona, and modality arrangements occur with great complexity - narrowing the range of resonance angles and primal platforms such as these charts display creates elucidation.  Seeing the behavioral patterns unfold is often quite simple with such a structure to consider.



It is hard to let go problematic conditions and traumatic states of mind - especially when caused by others.  There are many acts, social arrangements, and bad situations for which there may be no desire to reach forgiveness.  People do bad, self-centered things.

Many spiritual paths discuss the nature of vengeance versus forgiveness.

Nature requires defense.  In many ways, vengeance for terrible acts is just an extension of defense.

Higher forms of expression and consciousness, however, require the use of the same resources of mind that are consumed in prolonged states of anger, grief, worry, and in the protracted efforts of vengeance.  These states always change the person experiencing those cycles...



Happiness, contentedness, and/or satiation are all qualities sought after in activity, identity, and pursuit.

These qualities are:

  • in the traditional sense - conditional
  • in the scientific sense - hormonal
  • in the formal sense - relative
  • in the guttural sense - usually aroused only with the temporary cessation of struggle




As human beings, we are elaborate systems of awareness, gathering of information, corralling our resources, and then focusing those resources to manifest desires.

Different situations, demands, lifestyles, or conditions imposed on us use whole variations of expenditure.  The mind and body demand some level of balance, and it can be tempting to exceed those levels.  Also, exterior pressures can cause a person to arrange their modality to over-expend energy.  That over-expense can come from conditions or implied demands that force a person into measures of stress and strain that are unnecessary, and even wrong.

Certain social structures can also put a person on dilated self-awareness, forcing them to constantly monitor and adjust to an oppressor or afflictor.

It is very expensive to the human psyche to exist in turmoil or personal strain to respond to anamalistic or childish forms of authority, of which the world displays much.  There are monumental effects from situations that require a person to change their own modality, from a balanced, learning, growing positive condition - into a state of constant watch, adjustment, and stunted growth due to an un-relatable overarching source of authority or distress.

Such conditions can create unrelenting stress, on many layers, that effect all aspects of modality.  These states change who we are - what we reach for - what we must learn - and how we inevitably spend our life resources.

In an unresolved world, filled with imbalance, it is necessary to alter trajectories of personal evolution of consciousness to become who we must, beyond the common plane, the common trajectory of the crafting of consciousness otherwise created in us, by the world at large.



These two charts show simple principles that are tied together in concept.  Every projection of will has these factors at play to some degree.  One factor may be more prominent, others more receding - but as we project will, we also protect that projection in order for the body and mind to continue in action.

The left side and right side of these charts show a division - when that division is in radical imbalance, bad things can start to happen.  Obsessions are built that way - also abuse scenarios.  A person afflicted by a poorly balanced situation will be throw into the offense and defense side with great amplification - and they might remain there for days, weeks, or even years.  Such redundant cycles of stress and conflict can lead to prominence of survival modes - which are so emotionally expensive, that all higher functions of the mind can be postponed - modalities can grow around these conditions, and traumatic states of mind find themselves ingrained.

Life has challenges, and people are capable of meeting great challenge.  Some types of challenge are expansive and endurance feels worth it.

Other types of challenge are created unnecessarily and put people under great strain.  Some of these challenges are outright disastrous, misguided, or sinister.  Some challenges are place like layers within ordinary structures of activity that need not have such static, or oppressive qualities.  People respond negatively towards these structures, because these modes of existence cost them a great deal extra, beyond the demands of the actual task at hand.

Extraneous demands, psyche-suffocating structures, and enduring of animalistic qualities in others creates so many negative effects in people that lead to diminished existence and health problems.  These people are forced into multi-layer existence and multi-layer problem solving: amidst the ordinary struggles of life, they endure extraneous stress and constant shifting between actually living in the world, and dealing with mental chatter due to extra problems as they perform their daily actions, or re-sort themselves amidst a suffocating or terrible situation.

Balancing these situations is a predicament, and if balance is unachievable, or if prolonged stress is endured - the human psyche will begin to crack, shift, and slide into a different way of existence geared totally to enduring the stresses imposed unnecessarily upon them by the words and acts of other human beings.

This effect is felt through the world on varying levels...



Establishing good terms for growth and personal prosperity - balance in relationships of every kind - takes effort and awareness.  By neglecting nothing, peace is found.

A centered human being gives themselves the best surface for understanding and rationalizing forward directions.  Choices harmonize, and congeniality helps future work with others.

The paradoxes of higher consciousness are many.

  • With great excitation and disturbance, nothing seems to move, even though everything seems to move quite rapidly.
  • With stillness however, nothing changes as much, yet through greater platform shifts and choices - smaller movements can have exceedingly greater impact.

Because of this - much action has occurred over thousands of years - yet limited alteration to the course of humanity has come exceedingly slow.  Equal rights do not fully exist.  Optimal conditions for the growth and prosperity of humans still has yet to reach all corners of the Earth.  People who are good people live on a bed of skulls and suffering - as they turn a blind eye to the terrible things that got them there, and the abuse and negligent dealing that keeps them there.

Those who seek true balance and evolution of mind push against some common tendencies...


(see chart above)

These liabilities listed on the chart show effects that range from most obvious to longest lasting, from easiest to resolve or confront to harder discover, to overcome, and let go.

It is easy for people to show agitation towards more blunt and hostile energies, and harder to pinpoint and address more subtle negligence of consciousness.

These qualities break wholeness into parts - create fractured consciousness in the afflicts and the afflicted...

(see chart above)

These benefits, once held, decrease agitation inside the mind, prove most successful in facing agitation outside the world of one.

Agitation seeks solution, which requires knowledge, vast adjustments in the threats of peace and specific attention.

While good attitude can be simplified as "treating others as you wish to be treated", it is more difficult to see long chains of effects of certain actions or mentalities...



Constancy is the condition of reliability of enough parameters of life to allow a person to achieve some level of stasis - enough stability to grow in accordance with the desirable conditions that satisfy human potential.

This 'potential' is in reference not to maximum output, or continuous duty - but to the life intended and defined by higher consciousness.  This means ample effect and ample rest.  This means endurable, if not preferred, social resonance.  This means balance in friends and family, and a very fair situation in work.

Constancy is a constant element in the planning of lives, the evolution of governments, the shifting of populations in tragic, bloody war.

Constancy is also found as a wavering line within our own thoughts, and it sits to balance our protracted desires.  The desire for constancy keeps people from doing things with terrible consequences.  However, it also keeps people from change, often much needed change.

There is a great relationship between constancy and peace.

A person devoid of peace is the motion.
A person with peace is the center from which all motion pours.
As a mind balances whim and will, the effects of constancy reduces the impact of living fears many fold.

As life entails many hardships and discomforts, people take on those challenges, even when they are not desirable.  Many problems are made by other people...

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There is no more potent driver for the fast and ready alteration of consciousness that is cause by fear.  A person can exist within a pleasant and complex modality, and with certain impetus or affliction, be pushed into a complete abandonment of that modality due to aspect of fear.

Moments of fear can lead to an entire slate of consciousness wiped out - a mind changed - a personality altered, perhaps in some ways, forever...



The way people interact with each other over time can lead to a situation where both people are enhances.  Relationships of any kind can also begin to decay - for various reasons.  However, when relationships decay in a negative way it often occurs over many incidences or statements that begin to chaff, and grow dismay in others...



These three qualities are intimately connected because they are primary facets of desire in expression.  Everything a person says, does, or thinks has some connection near or distant to these qualities.

Purpose:  all actions and words have intention behind them, that intention might be subtle, in the effect of emotion or ideas - or that intention might be direct as our actions affect the world or our primal situation.

Unity: all actions or words have an effect on revealing a person's intention of connection or disconnection with others - impressions that come from tone and demeanor also display the amount of affection or negligence.  It is deep within human nature to assess the amount of positivity or damage that might come from an individual...



The 4 Sub-Motives illustrate core concepts of desire in expression.  The top chart represents additive / positive modes and the bottom presents subtractive / negative modes

These primary features tilt, like plate, as one quality is more emphasized.  As the center quality is leaned into, the mode can then split towards the outer rings.

A person's intentions also change between the top chart and the bottom chart, which displays restrictions in energy flow that lead to the usurping of the situation in some form or another.

It's interesting because these charts have a few separate connotations. Consider these examples.

Example #1 - the additive chart on top can be touched when a person is trying to build an idea, or create something.  The subtractive chart can be used simultaneously to trim the idea which would otherwise be a cloud-like brainstorm.  We can use subtractive / negative flows of energy to reduce, and define the situation...



Most people wish they had some reasonable level of total personal freedom - to do what they choose, as they see fit, and so that their actions unfold as they desire.

Obviously, all actions cannot unfold as just one person desires, at the cost of other people's wishes.  However, in many conditions, there are alterations to the flow of social structure that inhibit people's basic freedom and simple desires for peace, prosperity, and personal respect...


The Nature of Consciousness in Simple Terms

The manifestation of action
are desire's seeds unfolding,
as desire carries inspiration
and emotional charge
drawing methods to their end,
as the seed in place unwinds.


The undulations, unfolding, and growing of consciousness.

Human modalities serve as seeds for the next state of reception and extension.  Our internal emotive-thought structure determines both the limitations and expanse of what that system can register next.

The human mind, being a brilliant device, is limited.  One modality can lead to one arena of potential.  Changes to that modality will lead to other ranges of possibility.  Modalities are valuable to people, and they are vulnerable.  We often want to hold one modality more than others, and most people, if they could, would manually alter their modality to let them feel or do what they want.

The human being is not in full control over their modality.

Their environment alters them, thier experiences change them, thier inspirations drive them in new directions.

Who we are is defined by what we feel, and what we do, how we express ourselves, what possibilities come next, and how we process our past.  But before that, we are something else.  We are seeds - we are the condition of mind itself.

The great universal system - mechanical as it may be - is a phenom beyond our true understanding.  Do we ascribe the universe to a random parlance of itemized things - or do we see the one driving energy that allows the universe to be?

What we are is seeds.  We are the seeds of action, seeds of change, deliberation, recoil, alteration, and motivation.  We, as human beings, are expressing something we do not get to fully understand - but that totality expresses itself as will.

Every moment, we register awareness, and energy arises within us to do something, think something, feel something...

Every moment, we are the seed of energy, and that energy will unwind.  How that seed will unwind depends on our modality.

As human beings, what best defines us is the concept of mind.  Our awareness registers everything, our internal selves shift, and our drives yield action of some kind.  While our bodies are mechanical organs, our totality describes something more... magical, overarching, complex, than what our body describes to us.



The universal seed is within us,
part of us already,
to see a universe in whole, through one body.
Each living thing, a unique vessel, to hold
and use the energy of mind to participate
perhaps in a never ending light.

That which is mind cannot die,
because mind is not the body.
What we are is beyond
just as the universe is driven
by a method and energy
that cannot be held at once,
sensed in full, or surmounted by itself
within the constructs of the universe.

Our identity, while alive in form,
feels tied to what we are right now,
but what we are is temporary form,
and when that form is gone,
there is naught but mind remaining,
mind is consciousness which is energy,
conditions beyond, and universally driving,

as consciousness supersedes
the universal machine.
Our energy begins and ends beyond as well
- in the universal seed.

That radiant energy, that seed,
holds the entire map of all possible trees -
that seed extends and forms all known things,
One source of energy, one method,
one purpose - to extend into creation
that which is existence and will,
as that source of energy drives all things,
the seed within us, every moment.

Within us that tiny seed,
from which all grown things
reach their total possibility.
The intelligence of human beings
allows us to design our tree of energy,
a great and dire responsibility...



The tribulations, the difficulties of life, whether natural or social lead to a complex struggle of growth amidst the turmoils of conflict.  There is a difference between learning from distinct natural lessons and overcoming obstacles made by inept social conflict and systemic institutions of life that create struggle.  However, for each person it is a constant condition, the need to overcome, and to achieve stability and stasis.  Each step into confrontation or deliberation can lead to destabilizing conditions.  Each retracement into ourselves can lead to various changes in self reflection...



Ending the resonant effects of negative experience is no easy task.  The human mind is geared towards preventing suffering - and new, bad experiences open the mind up to whole new levels of perceptive problems.  Experiences are potent, and have a deep effect, because we are experiential beings.  Even though we have such great cognitive strength, it can take exhaustive effort to stave back negative platforming that happens when associative memories touch one another, triggering emotive dissonance and struggle relating to negative conditions of the past.

We don't know of death until we witness some aspect of it - we don't know of social torment until we see some part of that torment clearly in others or ourselves.  We don't truly understand the effects of deep and painful suffering until we know those effects through events or perceptions developed in the mind.

How people overcome struggle is a great aspect of humanity.  How we as a species deal with the fact that people can be harmed, taken hostage, manipulated, enslaved, and robbed of dignity and freedom - this will always be a great terrible puzzle for us to contend with.  Events like this can shake the positivity out of good people, even in hearing of such events...



If it was possible, most people would put an end to human suffering. The core of compassion that has grown through humanity is something to revere.  There is no excuse for those who cause great undue suffering to others.  There is also no explanation that justifies the harm caused to others, to good people, by those who ignore the difference between right and wrong.  While we cannot see behind the veil of the universe - we know what is good, and great - and we know what is awful and hurtful.  Many good people are weary and deterred by what is awful, from believing in a theme of resilience and over-watch in the concept of God.

What we all know is that there are good people, and people with goodness in them, people who do not always do what is best.  We know that through people doing good, that balance and betterment are qualities within us, and so, are qualities within the universal potential, inherent to the design of all universal things.

While we live this life, and feel suffering - while we feel benefited by some things, and harmed by other things - while people feels prayers answered and also ignored - we come into greater relation with the universal possibility.

Anyone who contemplates the universe heavily will seek to understand some relation between what we are as human, and how that connection is, or is not, extended into the universe.

As those parameters are felt out, it is in seeing undue suffering cast out from people onto others that will perplex us the most.  If the universe is more than a material machine, then why is there not some supernatural intervention into the most horrible things?

What all people can know is that through us, as human beings, goodness can be manifest - and the energy given to us, grown through us can be used to alleviate the suffering of others.  For that reason, knowing not all things, we as people know our impact in improving the universal tendency, amidst nature that causes so much beauty, and at times, so much suffering.

In hard times, and horrible times, it is through re-stabilization that living creatures allow the waves of time to wash over old hard times, and through difficult measures, the impact and scars of suffering can be alleviated.  Are we as an intelligent species, able to ascend to true, lasting harmony?  The world around us shows us that, yes, we are able.  It is within our ability to improve, and so, we must.  We are pioneers through hardship, and in hardship, there is learning.

Some lessons are too hard to learn, some suffering so bleak - even the tales of that suffering can strip away good people of hope, and deter them from even caring to know if there is greater rhyme and reason to the universe.  But in facing pain with long, long bouts of anger and discord - there grows yet more suffering.  The body tenses, the mind closes down, and such secondary suffering creates modalities that cannot be endured well.

It is in opening up again, to breath and house one's full resources, that we learn or choose to improve ourselves - in order to find who we truly are, and to experience, once again, life in peace.



For many reasons, human consciousness is aware of the words, actions, intentions, and insinuations of other people.  Human beings have a great primary field within that gauges the level of safety and clear passage - this field determines how bright or dismal the future may be.  This field also substitutes preference for reality, but also extended awareness for closure to some avenues of expression and modality.

We cannot think and feel all things at the same time.  People are usually in modes of compression or extension - some neutral states occur, but the nature of thought and action is usually pointing towards motion of some kind.

Because we are affected by the expressions and actions of others, we are also doubly aware of our own expressions and actions.  Though the perception of exterior threats is often more fine-tuned, and involves less denial than internal threats.

Our states of consciousness reveal conditions by which the next state of consciousness will emerge.  Our state of being is thus decided by our current modality, plus or minus effects of experiences going on - or our state of being is altered in directions of modality we coerce ourselves to move towards.

The conditions on the left side of this chart, the "Conditions of Consciousness" are modality affectors that can become very entrapping, carrying severe impact, or long-term affect...


A Simple Look at the Nature of Cognizance

That which is divided cannot stand as one:
That which must always fight for balance,
never holds it long.

That which cannot mend it's wholeness,
reduces all potency
The divided mind never achieves true rest:
a person's many faces
can sabotage a growing strength.


Belief Come from Expectation - Imbalance Comes from Assumption - Knowledge Come From Seeking

As the human creature primarily functions from the concept of awareness and expression - in action, thought, speech, or collective deed - there is a clear and evident dichotomy of behavioral response, collection, and calibration that all human expression exists upon.

Common consciousness exists upon the state of separation -
separation of on idea from another, one voice from another, one emotion, slant, demeanor from another.  Most thinking and expression is based on counter-reactions or dove-tailing re-directions of various simpatico, orchestrations, or derivatives from each passing momentary state.

Our living consciousness is tied to inherent bodily functions, our neural network, all modalities as pertaining to the mechanics of the body - the various nerve bundles and the 'wheels of consciousness'.  These systems that compose our humanity build our memories and expressional avenues based on the perceptions of separation - that all things are separate from each other in a changing world.

While our bodies must obey the world of separation, our minds are written based solely on that perception.  In the same way we perceive objects, bodies, forms, and motions as separate from one another - as clashing, contrasting, comparing, or matching - so too does this assessment occur in thought-forms and motions in the act of thinking.

This way of structuring organization and perception is fair, and exquisite in many ways - but desire operates in a way to perform circuits of activity based on our perceptions of possibility.

If our perception is always based on a world of separation, then we are stuck dealing with a fractured self, based on fractional concepts.

As all physical objects and concepts rewire an inherent condition of separation to hold together a working model of the world - those very conditions come with us in all other forms of thinking...



That which is balanced can extend
in a balanced way.
in this state, one does not lose sight
of right and wrong,
or exasperate themselves
by beginning in a place that leads
to an ending undesired from the start.
Optimal modalities create layers of the persona
that syncopate and extend
in a welcomed way.


In an unbalance world - on many levels, people are trying to undermine each other, in order to preserve identity and status, while pushing other people into slightly, or greatly, subjugated form.

Ulterior modalities are exercises in survival that reach the extended state - when natural survival is decently secured, the mundane game of staying above others can continue.

Optimal modalities create balance within, and seek to extend resources in a way that amplify one's own state of mind - and also, enable the good part of others to become enhanced beyond their negative states of being.

The reasons why people get lodged in lower modalities is complex - but, as complicated as identity and expression issues can become - it is by reaching for greater states of mind that changes can begin to occur.

It is very difficult for a person, who is surrounded by negative mentalities, or facing great conflicts, to stay buoyant.  Many solutions may come to mind, and they may be tiring or futile...





Modality is a concept  that no one can 'escape' because it is tied to all motives, actions, and platforms of desire.  We are always changing, in every moment to meet the needs of expression, and to become who we must be to perform a certain task, or to revel or contend with some emotionality that effects us, either on the surface, or many layers deep...



While there are many theories as to the origin and nature of the universe, there are ultimately two main theory types at the root of the discussion.

A. Is the universe material only, allowing only the most purely science-based discussion alone?

B. Is the universe energy or thought-based, almost holographic in nature, whereby some energy source is made as progeny by an almost mind-like concept?

Sometimes it can be seen that these two pools of thought contradict each other in discussion.  Though the views are not necessarily opposed - rather these views are based on perception and observation...



What we know to be true, is that reality is experience based.  As human beings, the one word that best describes our reality is 'experience'.  This has several connotations, especially concerning modality...




The modalities of consciousness will change.  It is by the nature of consciousness that alteration to desire and awareness will cause people to shift in persona.  Fluidity of modality does exist across persona - some people shift rapidly, and others in a more even balanced way.

However, who we are is destined to change - above all other destinies, change is the most inherent...



We have covered a great array of topics concerning the alteration of mindset and awareness in the nature of Relative Modality.  The concept of relative modality is a living, breathing, alteration to the nature of consciousness based on all affectors.  While the models and charts of this entire publication seek to alleviate the ambiguity - these are partial, at best.  These tools were developed in the act of evolving consciousness and lead to noticeable change.

The next section will describe in some detail the switching points of modality.  Our human nature is based on social context - it's how we were designed - even the most introverted individual uses a language based on interaction with the world.

Our thoughts are based on those languages, and while we can exceed the common grasps of consciousness the social world might have on us - human emotionality is based on our relationship to the psychical world, a world that is increasingly impossible to participate in without social adjustment.

Who we are is based on how we perceive, and how we adjust ourselves to those perceptions...