Who we are - every action, every thought runs through a series of nerve channels.  Our many states of mind rely on arrangements of these reactive centers.  Our sense receive information and our consciousness assembles our state of mind.  Experiences and perspectives lead to reflexive  Modalities of thought that form within us - these modalities become our awareness and identity.  Human beings form aspects of our identity both experientially, and by manually altering our own modality.  This self-alteration has a powerful effect, and leads to a changed identity.  Because our state of mind, our modality, relies on so many conditions that change over time I have named this whole system Relative Modality.    With self-study a person can see the derivatives of thought, the effect on the emotional system, and become more aware of how we change ourselves, and how both the natural and social environment affects and alters us.

To have a chart system to anchor the personal search for understanding is incredibly helpful.

We are sensational beings, and our primal nervous system exists to exist in a physical world.  Our system of advanced consciousness lays on top of that physical system.  Who we are, in terms of advanced consciousness, is tied directly to self understanding, manifesting equilibrium in simple or complex ways, and attempting to refine our mentality to reflect the greater good.

Many sources of conflict and discomfort come from exacerbating conditions found in these very charts.  Exceeding simple norms of human behavior is a challenging task.  Who we are changes drastically with every move of each wheel of consciousness.



Enigmatic centers for the use and development of awareness and the expression of consciousness

These states are temporary and developmental, requiring awareness to generate and evolve through over periods of time - and additional awareness to maintain if desired.  These are not absolutes and are not conditions of permanent 'arrival' but reflect the balance of internal energy and universal pragmatism in the evolution of consciousness.

These are awareness conditions that generate new "states of mind" which by definition have not been experienced or even understood until they have been experienced directly.

These states change internal predilection of energy and unlock new conditions of manifestation.






This wheel centers around the root of muscular engagement.  For human movement to take place a series of preparations take place.  The abdominal muscles engage, the spine become stiffer, the hormones shift, and enlivenment of the nervous and muscular system take place.

The first wheel of desire serves as a ignition sequence platform.  The body is running a primary reference point at the base of the spine, near the abdominal floor, sex organs, and the end of the digestive track.  Flexation of these muscles alters the flow of action, and emotion in many ways.  The switches on the #1 wheel are more rudimentary however, and serve to direct flow to engage action, or to refrain from action - to ingest information and relax, or to engage in activity and condense.

This is the simplest wheel, and a wheel that delivers the more basic shifts in states of awareness - though powerful.  It is a switching hub for total alteration to states of mind...



Our bodies are our root in the universe, and in evolution, the bodies of creatures have changed to allow differentiation in plan and action every step of the way.

The 2nd wheel entails the first check engagement of the abdominal muscles - and centers just below the naval.  Whenever the body moves, the core muscles begin to engage and shift.  This wheel leads to rapid assessment of action and possibilities of needed action.

Each quality around this wheel represents a state of awareness that holds context for the next possible states.  One state also has a line that crosses the center of the circle and points to two other qualities that together represent the correlating and somewhat opposed states...


WHEEL #3 - Directives

This wheel can provide great insight to much of the mental chatter that can occupy our minds.  This wheel centers below the rib cage and engages nerves near much internal core musculature; for that reason physical and mental exhaustion can have an effect on this wheel.  This wheel offers the strongest social context for our thoughts, words, and environmental awareness.

The inner wheel is the wheel of social roles or socialized slants, and displays the way people interact in the shifting sands of social hierarchies.  Our minds also take on these roles in thought directions, providing the sort of council of alterations, as our thoughts move from one condition to the next.

The outer wheel has been provided to give a second set of descriptors.  These words represent the outcome of effect either desired, or manifest, from exhibiting the role condition.

There are unique relationships with each character directly across the wheel, and also to each side of that opposite...



This wheel represents the area of the chest / heart / lungs/ upper stomach.  It includes many nerve bundles that activate sensations of calm and also the energies of ardor.  This area excites readily in inspiration, inflames in defense - and soothes after periods of calm and contentedness, and delivers great positive sensations when self-worth has reached satisfying levels.

The vaguest terms for this wheel might label it as the registry for love, hate, and vigor - but this is a rudimentary outlook.  This wheel is the station for human causation to energize.  It is the orientation wheel for GOALS and ACQUISITION.

Much of the human sensations for tranquility, peace, and vigor come from the urge to attain and achieve goals based on priorities.  Love as we know it is variable.  Lower human love comes from reliable, desirable environment and conditions.  Higher love comes from a progressively unobstructed energy flow throughout the entire wheel system.  That higher love is beyond normal love and constitutes the expansive sensations described in world religions Samadhi/Grace/Gnosis/Enlightenment.  These states involve positive shifts in ALL WHEELS, while common concepts of earthly love might involve attempts to satisfy our goals and acquisitions primarily by this wheel and partial modalities created by the other wheels as well...



Expression is not a primary driver, but remains a potent affector on the modalities of consciousness.  Human beings have elaborate communication flows compared to animals.  We rally ideas, centralize focus, shift parameters and reach simpatico or enter stages of conflict.

While Wheels 1 through 4 direct the flow of energy, by the time we reach Wheel 5 above the center of the collar bones, we are hurling energy through a series of constrictors, which then hit a sort of prism of communication.

That central energy hits an array of possible splits, and then momentarily takes on various aspects of 5th wheel conditions.  The mind can take on several iterations of this wheel at once - for example seeking the goal of Enablement, while momentarily exhibiting Condemnation to re-route the conversation back to Enablement.

The primary apparatus of the 5th wheel aims to reach conditions of Radiation of the will in a lasting way, out into the world (or to the forefront of the mental platform)...




This wheel centers around the brain's frontal lobes - which is the advanced reasoning and logic portion of great size, unique to human brains.  Some consider this area to be the home of the "3rd eye" a location that creates special sensations for those who achieve great body and thought awareness.

The human being alters between the many states of this wheel in order to shift whole modalities.  This wheel becomes like the overseer for the previous wheels, and if utilized well, can alter the state of mind effectively.

In more ordinary conditions, this wheel moves in a sublimated way, and great lengths of experience and thought lead to changes in qualities of this wheel.  A 'cerebral' person might reference this wheel first, and use the qualities to guide the lower wheels...



This wheel represents self-reflection and self-alteration at the strongest level.

It's probably strange to see terms like Divinity and Putrification sitting right next to each other.  However, this wheel represents deep impact based on higher consciousness and universal consideration.  For most people, attaining greater self-knowledge leads to intense shifts in modality, and these effects can have temporary but often intense degenerative effects.

Many people have the tendency for compartmental thinking, which allows positive mindsets to set close besides negative aspects.  The more a person achieves higher consciousness, the more these walls break down.  The good sides of a person are forced to stare at the negative sides.

This 7th wheel represents a first opening of deep self-awareness.  A person can exist through an entire lifetime without opening this wheel at all, or maybe only by indirect touches through various life stages...

(see further discussion for this wheel and also wheels 8 through 12 below)

WHEEL #8 through #12

Wheel 7 contains much larger concepts, and traversing through these wheels leads to alterations of many modalities involving wheel 1 through 6.

This progressive chain of unfolding constitutes a very large set of reflections and re-orientations, enough to give wheel # 8 through #12 separate recognition.  Discovering the nature of these qualities... Affinity, Communion/Grace, Divinity, Unity, and Ascension on the universal scale is very different than just thinking about these concepts - instead it means reaching for windows of time in which these qualities not only ring through a person, but for a time, become that person.  These states are not long lasting unless the mind rebuilds and nurtures these states over time.  Many seekers realize some of these conditions, and later return to more normal lives, however understanding lived through never leaves the consciousness, hidden or unused, the language of energy and existence, the available pathways of consciousness once touched, alter people in many ways for a lifetime.

Sections dedicated to #8 through #12 can be found next...


WHEEL #8 through #12

The activation of true self reflection based on ideals that resonate with universality is a hefty and potentially relentless process.  There are many good and great people in the worlds - this process is definitely about resolution towards righteousness, but the difficulties come from massive rerouting of the personality based on self-reflections that really challenge the idea of consciousness altogether.

We have seen through the goals of most of the world's religions, and some quips between them, but we have seen terrible, terrible things happen between people in this world. We have felt the disparity, and witnessed the lust for conflict, and likely have seen signs of this stuff pass within us.

Human beings are not perfect, but we balance imperfections with the need for growth.  At this stage in world development most of our problems could be solved, yet humanity still hedges benefit.  Awakening as these wheels of consciousness entails means you become a more enlightened person in a world that displays much lower states of consciousness.

How this process unfolds in others is unique and maybe governed by an intrinsic process in the elaboration of consciousness.  However, as we see our own personal development increase with our efforts, we know the world could develop in a more humanitarian process the instant many people decide to evolve in such a way.

For these reasons, this world of Relative Modality has been written and dispersed FREELY among the world today.  This resource was created by an individual who deeply wanted to find such a key, yet could not find it.  So this resource was established actively during the same process.

Additional modalities of consciousness will be discussed in the following sections, and the tools of self-awareness will be shared freely as well.






Taking into account all the wheels of consciousness, and the simultaneous effects of the changing modes of energy in expression, we can begin to see a picture of what Relative Modality truly is.

Relative Modality is priority and expression system that gauges the environment, our place in the world, and assesses the awareness of ourselves and others.

The elaboration of consciousnesses as described through the Wheels of Consciousness exists within our potential, and motivates self change as we age.

While in this lifetime, we are intelligent animals living a physical life, we are also of the realm of mind, a condition that touches the very fabric of the universe.  Our universe is a system of energetic expression, manifest in perpetuation upon an inherent system that allows infinite possibilities of expression based on a few building block principles.  So to, is the human mind achieved through nature, and given to us, at birth, with no work our own.

It is through self-work and achievement that we can fine tune our mind, awareness, and state of being to become more than past experiences might have delivered.

In the pages to follow, additional charts of emotional modality will be displayed, along with discussions pertaining to mindsets and emotional conditions that can harness or entrap our consciousness into loops of uncontrolled disability.

The world around has the ability to nurtures us and disable us.  So to does the environment of our own mind have both abilities.  It is through greater recognition and learning that we can exceed the natural bent of emotion and desire that holds us from our true potential.